Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Stepped into it again with my extended family.  True -- if you think you are spiritually enlightened spend some time with your family of origin.  

My clear intentions were so easily hijacked and I become part of the drama.  Stepping away from the storm and taking time to feel all my crazy emotions.  Attempting to see a bigger picture and my part in creating and sustaining the insanity.  Giving some space to be with -- what should I do or not do next.  

This morning a gift appeared in my e-mail;  words in the weekly newsletter from coach Alan Seal: 

To "see" takes time.  Life moves fast, and we move fast thorough it.  Therefore, we tend to notice only the surface layer of our surroundings.  We see chairs, tables, trees, people, sidewalks, and benches.  Yet if we look more closely, there are patterns, textures, and edges.  And if we engage our intuitive awareness, beyond the patterns and textures, we can sense energies.  

The same is true in our life situations and circumstances.  If we take time to be present with our circumstances - to "see" and feel and sense them - they, too, will reveal themselves to us.  There is a lot of information and guidance hidden within the layers of our lives and experiences.  If we pay attention, everything we need to know will start to reveal itself.  We will understand more fully the essence or core of what is going on:  we will sense what wants to happen in the big picture; and intuitively, we  will be shown our next steps.  We have been conditioned to analyze and fix.  We assume that the only way through our situation is to figure it out and make something happen.  Yet what if there was another way?What if the situation itself could show us everything we need to know?  

Inviting in:

  • Letting go of needing to do something to try and fix things.
  • Trusting the situation will unfold and I will be shown what to do or not do next  
  • Looking for the energy (love) under all the muck.  
  • Remembering to take deep breaths, smile and just be.