Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dear You

Just noticed a large metal silver image with the words Dear You hanging on the wall of the Tucson Jewish Community Center.

Wondering:  Why would someone make this?  Why would someone buy this?  What do the words Dear You mean?

Meanings of dear range from: nobel, affection, expensive and heartfelt.
Merium Webster has rhymes.

What do you hold dear
What brings you cheer
Makes things clear
Releases fear
Brings you here (and now)

What do you hold dear?
Who do you hold dear?
Who holds you dear?

There is a sweetness in sending and receiving dear.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Meditation & MIndfulness

Walking the dogs this morning I became very aware of how present and connected to the environment they were.  In all their excitement of moving, smelling and listening  in nature they would take time to pause and stare in a direction.

Being present and pausing - powerful mindfulness practices.

NPR's Science Friday included an interview, last week, about a fun blog (information is beautiful) that shares charts created to understand all kinds of complicated subjects.

The link below is to a poster on Mediation & Mindfulness.

what is meditation /mindfulness good for?