Monday, April 7, 2014

Keys To Letting Go

I have stepped into spring cleaning in a unique way.  Tomorrow will be the 3rd session in of a 4 part "Clearing Clutter" workshop at Oro Valley Library.

Session 1 Clutter Awareness:  34 amazing individuals showed up to explore letting go of clutter with me.  We looked at the definition of clutter, identified personal areas of clutter and examined the benefits and costs of clutter.  A key awareness about clutter is knowing what is clutter and how we can best let it go is unique for each of us and changes with time.

Session 2 Clutter Acceptance:  39 wonderful people attended.  The room was filled, the technology working fine.  One minute before we stated the computer failed.  Two librarians could not get it restarted.  No space for fear or anxiety.  No time for blame or worry thoughts.  I asked "As a child where did you feel safe?"  Real or imagined, alone or with others, inside or outside.  I then asked "As an adult were do you feel safe?"  The answers were as diverse as the individuals in the room.  We explored what supports feeling safe, centered and present.

Clutter is delayed decisions.  So the process of letting go of clutter is making these decisions.  Being aware of out beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors -- without judging them -- is a key.  Awareness, Acceptance and then Adjustment.  When we can see funky feelings and stinking thinking with compassion we can shift them from harmful to helpful.