Monday, August 17, 2015

Three Adjectives

Preparing for my Letting Go of Cutter Workshop involved reading a lot of advice from many experts. Most professional organizers spout the basic principals:  let go - before organizing and only keep what you love, need and use.  The philosophy given my Marie Kondo in her Magic of Tidying Up best selling book is --find the treasures and let go of the rest.  A huge shift in deciding what to keep versus what to let go of.

Link to amazon description of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Can not remember what expert shared the tip for letting go of clothing:

  • Choose 3 adjectives to describe the clothing that you want to wear.  
  • Ask of  each piece of clothing - does this fit what I want? 

I want clothing that is comfortable, classic and fun.   When trying on each item of clothing in my closet and dresser I asked:

  • Is this comfortable? Is this classic?  Is this fun?
  • Easy to tell what was comfortable on and putting on.
  • Some items were classic or fun, but not both.  
A little different twist to support letting go.  Four bags stuffed with good clothing are ready to be release with ease.   My closet and dresser still have more than I need. Spent a few minutes placing each hanger backwards on the rod, to make it easy to see what I am wearing (or not).

  • Remembering to ask before buying clothing if it fits my 3 adjectives.  
What 3 adjectives would you like all your clothing to fit?

Letting Go  Releases Energy to Create a Life You Love. 

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