Friday, January 10, 2014

Listening Deeply

Stayed in bed late today…. Missing the weekly gathering of women that has supported my life for a number of years.  Practiced listening to my mind, heart and belly about a couple of personal issues.

Used techniques shared by Alan Seal, a great coach from Boston, in a 90-minute web session on Thursday. I leaned that when our mind, heart & belly are out of alignment on issues we experience confusion, chaos and clutter.  And, problems can be opportunities to listen. 

So I listened … My mind was OK with listening to what my heart & belly might say.  My expanding heart suggested giving myself space and my belly struggled to find a voice.  Listening deeply I heard it ask for space to learn to trust myself.

Trusting that staying in bed was a good choice. 
Giving space for meeting sadness and uncertainty in my life. 

Grateful for this space of time.
Grateful for my warm bed. 
Grateful for the opportunities that are unfolding.

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