Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roller Coaster Ride

At a gathering of women someone asked:  How has the beginning of 2014 been for you? I realized the last month as been a ride of ups and downs with laughter and tears.  One day I sang out loud to Karen Drucker's song "Thank You For This Day" as tears of joy flowed down my cheek.  Later the same day,  tears of frustration and sadness filled my eyes as I stomped out of the house for a get myself together walk around the block.  I remember words a very special friend shared about a year after her daughter's death:  "I am grateful for the laughter and the tears".

Each of my 5 senses has the ability to bring me present, the smell of sage before a desert rain,  the vibrant pink reflected in the winter sky at sunset, a 3 a.m. coyote's chorus, the touch of clean sheets against my bare skin, a sip of hot passion tea with a hint of agave syrup.

Learning emotions can bring me present, with a whisper and sometimes a shout.
Learning to listen to myself with compassion - non judgement.
Learning to accept the ups and the downs...grateful for the laughter and the tears.

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