Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yoga With A Dentist

Glancing at the clock, very aware this root cannel procedure is taking longer than the 90 minutes appointment.  Thinking:   Can an open mouth be an asana?   How long can I hold this edge?  Translating the words “we are almost done” to the voice of my yoga teacher saying, “take three more deep breaths” while holding plank.

Fast forward to this morning and reading a short section from Attitudes of Gratitude:  How to Give and Receive Joy Every Day of Your Life by M. J. Ryan:  

“Is the world a wonderful place or a hellhole?  All of us know the answer to that depends on our attitude on any give day.  Has the world changed?  Most likely our thinking about it has.   When we consciously cultivate positive attitudes such as love, joy and gratitude, we “remake” the world. “

Yesterday in the dental chair, breathing through my nose, I practiced gratitude. 
Grateful for:

  • Clear sinuses
  • Amazing technology to find and fix a root infection
  • Gentle hands of a very young desist
  • The new assistances desire to learn
  • Time for a nap after the appointment
  • Dental insurance

Life coaching teaches: 
What We Focus On Expands

Kripalu yoga teaches:
Practice Curiosity and Compassion 

Life is good when I remember to ride the waves of life just noticing and letting go of judgments.  

There is power and peace in focusing on gratitude. 

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