Monday, May 12, 2014

Paying Attention & Celebrating Support

I begin my daily (or frequent ) intention prayer with:
I am grateful for Spirits abundant support and guidance.

The first step of gratitude is paying attention  For me this means noticing the abundance, support and guidance that shows up in my life.

This last week has been filled with flowers.  More flowers than I have ever received!

1.  On Wednesday I purchased an inexpensive bouquet of flowers for myself.  Yellow daisy's. pink alstromeneria and mums with one large sunflower.  Flowers that tend to last a few days, even as our days are transitioning from spring to summer temperatures.

2.  Friday morning I connected with a dear friend, Helen.   To my great surprise she brought beautiful tangerine tulips.

3.  Friday evening my beloved came home with not one, but 3, bunches of flowers.  Something Michael had never done in our 38 years together.  All my vases in use, I played with placing the abundant choices of flowers and greens together.

4.  Sunday night my sons girlfriend, Valerie,  gifted me a mothers day bouquet.  Smiling I arranged these in a large Mason Jar.

On Saturday my son, Sean, took me to a Market On the Move event.  For a $10 donation we left with 2 boxes of melons, tomatoes, tomatillos, yellow peppers and squash.  The tomatillos were the catalyst for making my first batch of Salsa Verde.

I end my daily intention prayer with:
My heart is open to giving and receiving love and abundance.  

Taking time to pay attention to the abundance of flowers, food and beautiful people in my life.

Thank you Universe for the gift of time to reflect, celebrate and share your support.

May we all notice and celebrate the abundant gifts in our lives - with ease and grace.

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