Monday, May 19, 2014

Can You See Me Now?

Fruits, vegetables, pure water, clean air, sleep, and hugs.... if we were playing Scattergories can you guess the topic?  ----  Things That Are Important For Health.

Yesterday while eating a delicious salad at Beyond Bread, I looked at the NY Times Review section.   Lunch out was the date part of a Sunday morning shared visiting plumbing and hardware stores, gathering parts to maintain our evaporative cooler one more season.  As Michael reviewed the news on his smart phone I read an interesting article about eye contact.  

I knew touch was important for infant bonding and development and that hugs can be a kind of vitamin for physical and emotional wellness.   The idea of eye contact being studied in connection to wellness is a new thought.  Makes total sense. Eyes are windows to the soul.  Being seen -- really seen -- feels so good.  I am becoming aware of when this powerful connection happens and when it doesn't.  How simple to look someone in the eye for just a moment and how powerful to have that connection returned.

The title for this blog - Can You See Me Now?  popped into my mind this morning.  As I am typing I realize that the intention I am inviting into my life is:   Can I See You Now?  Just a modern take on the ancient Sanskrit word Namaste --- The light in me sees the light in you.

Enlightenment takes many forms....

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