Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Committing to Cleanliness

Why do I struggle with self commitment?  It is easier to be consistent when committing to others, than to practice following through with taking care of  myself.  Simple daily commitments can become a struggle; early to bed and early to rise, no food after 7PM, & moving everyday.

Interesting to watch my excuses for doing or not doing what I have told myself I want to do.  The best is "I deserve this" or  "I want to do this or not do this - right now".  Is being flexible about commitments a gift or a curse?  I think the answer is YES.  Flexibility is a practice.  Commitment is a practice. We fall out of balance to practice getting back into balance - when standing in tree pose on the yoga mat and in finding balance in life.

Interesting the Virtues Card I choose from my deck this morning & the pick I just made from the Virtues Project web site are identical.

Pick your own virtue card at:  Virtues Project

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