Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Good Morning

It rained yesterday.  A good rain.  The wash (dry river bed) that runs to the west of our property and though the vacant desert land, across the street, north of our home became a stream and then a river. Carrying sand, branches and bits of trash to a new location.

I love being the first human to walk on the newly carpeted sand, still damp from the flow of rain water. Has the feeling of coming home to a clean house, familiar yet infused with a new energy.  The feel of moist sand under my tennis shoes, the sound of near by birds mingling with distance traffic, the quality of light still shaded by a few clouds lingering from the storm, feeding my soul.  

Taking a seat at my turn around point, a slab of concrete illegally dumped decades ago and slowly being covered with grains of displaced sand.  Saying a prayer of gratitude, thank you for the rain, the sun, the sky, the birds and this day.  It is a good morning.

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